This page establishes the “Terms and Conditions” under which YOU (The user) use the website (hereinafter, “the Website” “the Website” or “the Page”) owned by the company ETNICO SAS, a company legally constituted by private document dated August 1, 1995 in Barranquilla, registered in the commercial registry of the Chamber of Commerce of Barranquilla on August 1, 1995 in Barranquilla, with NIT. 802.001.100 – 2.


Access and/or use of the Website attributes to the person who accesses the status of User, accepting, from that moment on, fully and without any reservation, these terms and conditions, as well as the particular conditions that complement, modify or replace the conditions. general, when this happens, in relation to all the services and contents of the website.


Therefore, ETNICO SAS requests the User of this site to read these conditions and the privacy, treatment and protection of personal data policies in detail and carefully before beginning their registration, exploration or use.


The user agrees to have read and understood these terms of use and agrees to abide by them and comply with all applicable laws and regulations that are part of Colombian legislation. In addition, when the user uses any service provided on this site, for example "chat", suggestion boxes, purchase button, market cart, contests, he/she will be subject to the rules, guides, policies, terms and conditions applicable to said service. .


If the user does not agree with these terms, they must refrain from using this site. This site is controlled and operated by ETNICO SAS from its offices located in Colombia. ETNICO SAS is not responsible for whether the material on this site is appropriate or available for use in Colombia and other countries, and its access from territories where its content is illegal is prohibited. Those who choose to access this site from other countries do so on their own initiative and are responsible for complying with applicable local laws. Any claim in relation to the use of this site and the material contained therein is governed by the laws of Colombia.


These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice at any time, under the sole will of ETNICO SAS, and from the date of modification of these terms and conditions, all operations carried out between ETNICO SAS and the user will be governed by the modified document.


ETNICO SAS reserves the right to make changes to the website, the conditions of use and legal notices at any time. Each time you use the ETNICO SAS website (, you must consult the conditions of use, legal notices and privacy policy, treatment and protection of personal data in force at that time, which apply to the transactions and use of the site. If you are dissatisfied with the ETNICO SAS ( website, its content, the conditions of use or legal notices, you agree that the only available remedy is to stop using the ETNICO SAS website. The design, presentation or configuration, registration or use requirements of the Website may also be modified in the same way, without generating the right to any claim or compensation in favor of the User or visitor.


It is prohibited to use the site improperly, falsify the identity of a user, use purchasing agents and carry out fraudulent activities on the WEBSITE, dedicated to electronic commerce through which products that are delivered in the Republic of Colombia are sold, prior verification by ETNICO SAS.



To facilitate the understanding of these terms and conditions of use of the ETNICO SAS website (, it is necessary to clarify the meaning of the following words:


  1. CONTENTS: involve all forms of information or data that are disclosed on the Web page, including: texts, images, photos, logos, designs, animations.


  1. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS: refer to all property rights of the information of ETNIKO SAS or of any person who is the legitimate owner, such as: distinctive signs, brands, mottos, insignia, logos, domain names, copyrights, bases of data, designs, content or any other work or intellectual creation linked to the object, operation or performance of the ETNICO SAS ( website.


  1. INTERNET: communication tool with tens of thousands of computer networks linked by the TCP/IP protocol. Multiple services can be used on this network, such as emails, www, among others.


  1. WEB PAGE: hypertext or hypermedia result provided by a www browser after obtaining the requested information. Its content can range from a short text to a voluminous set of texts, static or moving graphics, sound, among others.


  1. PUBLISH: Make a document visible from the Website.


  1. SERVICES: are the online aids ETNICO SAS ( currently provides or plans to provide in the future to users, through this Web page, such as publication of news or activities related to commercial management; online procedures; consultations; forums and complaints and claims mailbox, customer or marketer registration, location maps, order requests, collection catalogue, merchandise acquisition, among others.


  1. USER OR CUSTOMER: is the natural or legal person or entity of any nature that enters the ETNICO SAS ( website to access, register or register to receive a good or service from ETNICO SAS ( by For any reason, search or consult information of interest to you.


  1. LINK OR LINK (link in English): Hypertext pointers that are used to jump from one information to another, or from one Web server to another, when browsing the Internet.





All brands, insignia, logos, names and any other distinctive sign, as well as utility models and/or industrial designs and other intellectual property elements inserted, as well as all computer, graphic, advertising, photographic, multimedia, audiovisual and/or design, as well as all content, texts and databases made available, used and/or displayed on this site are the exclusive property of ETNICO SAS ( expressly authorized for the WEBSITE or other official dissemination platforms such as social networks.


Nothing on this WEBSITE may be interpreted as granting or granting any authorizations, licenses or any other right to use or dispose of the Industrial Property in any way, without the written permission of ETNICO SAS ( or the owner of its rights.


Except as expressly stipulated in these terms and conditions, any act of copying, reproduction, modification, alienation, display, creation of derivative works, sale or distribution, display of the contents, in any way or by any means, including, but not limited to, is prohibited. not limited to, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or any other means, without the prior written permission of ETNICO SAS ( or the copyright holder.


In no case do these terms and conditions confer rights, licenses and/or authorizations to carry out the acts described above. Any unauthorized use of the contents will constitute a violation of these terms and conditions and the current regulations on trademarks, copyright and/or other applicable national and international intellectual property regulations. ETNICO SAS ( grants the user a personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive license and right to display the WEBSITE on the screen of a computer, PDA device or mobile device under its control.


Any unauthorized use will constitute a violation of these terms and conditions and current national and international regulations on Industrial Property and will give rise to the corresponding civil and criminal actions.



 ETNICO SAS ( is not responsible for damages or losses caused by any use of (or inability to use) the user's portals, use of (or inability to use) any portal within the page to which the user makes “ hyperconnection” (hyperlink) in it or to possible performance failures in execution, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in the operation of the page and its contents due to insufficiency in the user's Internet connections, computer viruses or failures. online network.


Under the terms indicated here, the use of the WEBSITE will be carried out under the sole and exclusive responsibility of the User. Said responsibility will extend to the use, by the user or any third party, of any password or similar assigned to access the Website or any of its services. Without prejudice to the foregoing, ETNICO SAS ( reserves the right to deny at any time and without prior notice, access to the Website to those users who fail to comply with the Terms and Conditions established here.


ETNICO SAS ( will be responsible for keeping the material and services made available on this WEBSITE updated. ETNICO SAS ( may unilaterally modify the content without prior notice whenever it considers it appropriate and in order to improve it, thinking about the purchasing experience of our consumers; such as the structure and design, as well as modifying or eliminating the services, contents and conditions of access and/or use of the Website.



To make a purchase the user must follow the following steps:


  1. To search for the product you want to buy you can do so by browsing through the categories in the menu or using the search bar.
  2. Choose the product the user wants, selecting the color and size and adding it to the shopping cart by clicking on the ADD TO CART button.
  3. Once the product has been added, you can continue browsing and adding the products you wish to purchase to the bag.
  4. When all the products to be purchased have been added, the user must go to the shopping cart which is in the upper right part of the portal. The user must verify the products added to the shopping bag and click FINISH PURCHASE
  5. Enter an email to continue with the purchase.
  6. Complete and verify personal data and delivery data.
  7. Choose the payment method you want.
  8. Check the purchase confirmation message and wait for the confirmation email.



Without prejudice to what is established in article 1857 of the Civil Code, the contract for the sale of products of ETNICO SAS ( is perfected when the client makes the payment according to the payment methods offered by ETNICO SAS ( in this WEBSITE, taking into account the product offer made by ETNICO SAS ( on it.



It is not possible to guarantee customers who enter the WEBSITE that the image displayed on the site is strictly the same as that of the real product. The correct display is subject to the resolution of the screen of the computer or mobile device that the client uses to enter the WEBSITE. Likewise, the photos of the garments and products used for the WEBSITE are taken in photographic studios and settings that have varied lighting, in addition to the exterior lighting, their brightness in greater or lesser amounts can generate variations in the real colors of the garment. , causing them to gain or lose strength in their intensity. We do not guarantee that all the product display variables and the perception of the product that each user may have are identical to those developed by the “By Liliana Meza” brand.



The total value of the purchase will be made up of the following items borne by the customer: value of the product and taxes.

The prices and availability shown on the WEBSITE are applicable only to purchases made through it.

Given the online update nature of the WEBSITE, the price or availability of a product may change at any time and without prior notice. The price will be that in force at the time of confirming the order in the order form on the WEBSITE.



Once the order is confirmed, it will be automatically redirected to the PAYU payment gateway, where the payment process established by that platform must be followed, so ETNIKO SAS ( does not store customer financial information. Our payment partner ETNIKO SAS ( has PCI DSS certification for the secure handling of credit card information.




ETNICO SAS ( through its WEBSITE receives payment by Efecty, debit card through PSE and/or with credit cards from the MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Codensa and Diners Club franchises.


ETNICO SAS ( controls all orders placed with the aim of avoiding abusive practices and fraudulent purchases. We reserve the right not to make a delivery or to process the order of a customer who has not paid in whole or in part for a previous order or in which there is a dispute with the holder of the Credit Card or Debit Card.



The credit card must be authorized by the issuing bank for Internet purchases. Additionally, the user must verify and correctly enter the card information: financial institution, expiration date, complete numbering and security code field.

Users are advised to validate the value of the products they will purchase with the credit card quota or fund. All banks carry out a process of validating the veracity of the purchase and card, the times vary depending on each banking entity, in this case, the order approval time is borne by the financial entity, so that such validations and approvals , are not the responsibility of ETNICO SAS (; Thus, the delivery time will begin to run once the bank approves the payment.




For this modality, the user must place the order normally, and in the payment gateway (PAYU), they must indicate that they will make the payment at an Efecty point and will receive an email with a number (reference code), which they must give at the time of ordering. make the payment at the Efecty point.


Payment must be made by the user within 72 hours, otherwise the order will be automatically cancelled. During this time, the products will be reserved for the user and the order will be placed on hold until payment is made.


After 72 hours, the platform automatically releases the reserved products. If the user wishes to purchase them, they must complete the purchase process again and validate if they are still available.


The minimum order for payment with Efecty is $20,000 Colombian pesos, therefore, if the order does not exceed this amount, this payment method will not be activated. The order is completed and processed when the correspondent confirms the payment, that is, the delivery time begins from the moment of payment.



The law provides that in sales made through electronic commerce mechanisms, in which a credit card, debit card or any other electronic payment instrument has been used to cancel the product, the participants in the payment process must reverse the payments requested. the consumer when it is subject to fraud, or corresponds to an unsolicited operation, or the product purchased is not received, or the product delivered does not correspond to what was requested or is defective.


For the reversal of the payment to proceed, within five (5) business days following the date on which the consumer learned of the fraudulent or unsolicited operation or that he should have received the product or received it defective or not corresponding to what requested, the consumer must submit a written complaint to ETNICO SAS ( and return the product, when appropriate, and notify the issuer of the electronic payment instrument used to make the purchase of the claim, which, together with the Other participants in the payment process will proceed to reverse the transaction to the buyer. The financial institution is responsible for meeting the deadlines to make the payment reversal.



Billing will be carried out using the electronic invoice modality sent through a data message to the email address previously registered by the buyer. If the client wishes, they can select the option that is only sent virtually to the registered email.



You will have 5 business days from the arrival of the product to notify us of the change to be made through the CHANGES AND RETURNS button., found on the website. In which you must inform your order number and the reason for the request, Then we have 5 business days to respond to the request, if the request is approved, the client must send the garment to our address: (within the next 5 business days from receiving the approval of your request.) It will be verified that the products of changes are new, without showing any sign of use. It must not have been washed or modified from its original design. If after verifying the garment(s) they are found worthy of an exchange or refund, this will be carried out within a maximum period of 30 calendar days. Process that can be carried out through payment reversal or electronic transfer.

Customer Service will be contacting the customer to monitor the successful completion and solution of the request presented.





 You will have 5 business days from the arrival of the product to notify us of the change to be made through the CHANGES AND RETURNS button., found on the website. in which you must inform your order number and the reason for the request. Then we have 8 business days to respond to the request. If the request is approved, the client must send the garment to our address: CR 65 No 84 – 78 Barranquilla COL. If after verifying the garment(s) they are found worthy of an exchange or refund, this will be carried out within a maximum period of 30 calendar days. Process that can be carried out through payment reversal or electronic transfer. Customer Service will be contacting the customer to monitor the successful completion and solution of the request presented.




Any person who makes a purchase on the WEBSITE, acting freely and voluntarily, authorizes ETNICO SAS ( and its payment platform providers to consult and request information on the credit, financial, commercial behavior and services to third parties, even in countries of the same nature, to the CIFIN S.A information center, generating a query footprint.




ETNICO SAS ( does not guarantee the operation of the communications network and therefore does not assume any responsibility for the availability of this WEBSITE. The server may be disconnected without prior notice. However, ETNICO SAS ( will do everything necessary to ensure that the impact due to maintenance tasks is as minor as possible.



ETNICO SAS ( does not control or guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in the content that may cause alterations in your computer system (software and hardware) or in the electronic documents and files stored in your computer system.

Consequently, ETNICO SAS ( will not be responsible for any damage caused by virtue of any alteration that has been made to the materials or download files provided directly by the entity.



The security of personal data is a priority for ETNICO SAS ( therefore we inform that we have implemented and complied with the security levels required by current regulations regarding the collection, management and protection of data.


This Internet site strives to offer the highest level of security using advanced technology. However, considering the state of data transmission technology over the Internet, no system is currently 100% secure or free of attacks, so prior to providing your personal data through this platform, EVALUATE the protection methods used. ETNICO SAS ( to protect your data and privacy.


The user has an important role to play in the protection of their privacy, treatment and protection of personal data, we recommend that you disconnect from the ETNICO SAS site ( and close your browser window at the end of your visit so that third parties do not have access to your personal data, especially when you use public or shared computers. ETNICO SAS ( will not be responsible if you do not take these recommendations into account, nor for any damages caused by said carelessness. If you are a minor, you are not authorized to enter our website, so no personal information will be requested. If you want to access, ask for accompaniment from your parents or legal guardian.


ETNICO SAS (, as responsible for the processing of personal data that currently resides in the company's databases, hereby informs the Personal Data Processing Policies, which may be subject to both national and international storage. , use, circulation, deletion, reception, collection, updating, transfer, and transmission both nationally and internationally.



The User agrees to keep his personal access code to the WEBSITE confidential and with the utmost diligence.

Corporate clients of ETNICO SAS ( will have access to special access accounts.



All controversies and/or claims that may arise from the commercial relationship, as well as from the use of the WEBSITE imply acceptance and submission to the legislation of the Republic of Colombia and will be resolved by the competent courts at the domicile of ETNICO SAS. (



These Terms and Conditions, the contract and the legal relationships derived from them, will be governed by the applicable legislation of the Republic of Colombia.



Users of the WEBSITE declare that their income comes from legal activities and that they do not have negative records on national or international money laundering prevention lists, nor do they fall into any category of money laundering and, consequently, they are obliged to respond, to the other party, for all the damages that may be caused as a consequence of the non-correspondence with the reality of this statement. In accordance with the above, the inclusion of any of the parties, their shareholders or their legal representatives in the lists of the OFAC or any local, foreign or international authority, as suspicious, will be just cause to terminate the contract. of money laundering activities. Likewise, the party whose statement is contrary to reality or which is included in the annotated lists, will be liable to the other party for the damages caused to the complying party.


For all purposes, “money laundering” is the set of procedures used to change the identity of illegally obtained money, so that it appears to have been obtained from legitimate sources. These procedures include disguising the true origin and ownership of the funds.



In case of doubt, clarification or comment regarding the content of this Website, we invite you to make your comment in our “Contact Us” section, or through any of the following channels: