It all started in the creative mind of our founder Liliana Meza, a businesswoman passionate about the fashion and culture of her country, Colombia. She always dreamed of creating a brand that could celebrate the beauty and authenticity of the women of the world, with that goal in mind, she embarked on an exciting entrepreneurial journey, thus LILIANA MEZA was born in 2016.

“After 24 years working in the fashion industry, it was not until 2016 that I dared for the first time to create my own brand. Since then I have put all my heart, efforts and energy into it so that today it is what it is. ”

- Liliana Meza

Lili stands out for her unwavering commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, which over the years led her to work closely with women heads of households from local communities, to promote the development of her hometown: Barranquilla.

“These women not only obtain stable jobs, but also acquire valuable skills in the fashion industry while preserving their origin”

- Liliana Meza

LM becomes a 100% Made in Colombia brand. Their designs reflect the joy and vitality of women, inspired by the richness of colors and diversity of their Caribbean culture. Its unique and vibrant prints capture the essence of local culture that it wants to share to all corners of the world.

In 2019, in collaboration with her daughter Gabriella Gomez, together mother and daughter, their project was to fully explore creativity from a more irreverent perspective, they took the risk and created the SHAUT By Liliana Meza line, which managed to establish itself as the second company brand.

Gaby stands out for her daring and sophisticated style. From an early age her creativity and ability to create unique pieces has captivated the attention of the industry. Her innate love for fashion and teamwork led her to build a distinctive line with her mother. This passion has become the driving force of her career and as the brands have grown in genuine value, they have become a movement, crossing borders and earning a place on the international fashion stage.

Today Liliana Meza & Shaut have a presence in South America, the USA, Europe and the Middle East.

Lili and Gaby's purpose is to help women discover their inner beauty, their self-confidence and their authenticity through each piece designed and designed for them, reflecting their feminine power.

Our promise


Printing process with inks certified with Oeko-Tex® seal


With fabric waste we make bags and scarves, among others; with zero waste policies.

Powerfull women

Our workshops are led by entrepreneurial and talented women.


Our products will arrive to you ready to give as a gift.


Our CEO Liliana Meza was born in Colombia, in the coastal city of Barranquilla. Lili began her career at the age of 18 as a ready-to-wear retailer. Later, after completing her studies in business administration, her passion for fashion led her to start a local business with her multi-brand ZOOM. After almost 13 years of career, her search to capture her artistic ideas and her personal seal led her to dare to create her personal project, of which today she is the founder and creative director BY LILIANA MEZA.

More than 20 years of experience, authentic women and female empowerment, inspired her to translate it with consistency in all fields of her life. She is currently a beauty, fashion and wellness leader with international reach and is a distinguished businesswoman of the city.


In friendliness with the environment, our printing processes are carried out with ecological inks with a composition of 95% of their base in water, certified with the ecotex seal. With environmental awareness in all stages of the ink life cycle from its design and manufacturing, to its transportation, use and recycling.