The guarantee is the temporary and joint obligation that ETNICO SAS ( has towards the consumers of its products to guarantee quality, suitability, safety, good condition and functioning of the products offered, for this purpose, the user must comply with as established in section 2.1 of article 3 of law 1480 of 2011, inform yourself regarding the quality of the product, as well as the instructions for its use and conservation.


ETNICO SAS ( will offer a guarantee for a period of seven (7) days from the receipt of the product by the buyer, for factory defects, quality of the product offered in accordance with its characteristics or defects. Without prejudice to the above and taking into account all garments are prepared and reviewed in detail by our quality department in order to deliver products to our clients in perfect condition.


Only the repair, exchange or money refund procedure established above will be carried out, as long as it is within the times stipulated for each process. Under no circumstances other than those mentioned in the quality criteria will the exchange of a garment be accepted.


The buyer must express his desire to return or exchange a product under warranty within 7 (seven) days of receipt of the product at the address indicated at the time of making the offer. The notification must be made through the following channel:

  1. Email:


If after seven (7) business days following receipt of the product, the buyer has not expressed his desire to execute the product warranty, it will be understood that he has waived any claim ETNICO SAS ( and the warranty will be extinct. .


Shipping of the products requested under warranty will be assumed by the buyer. When the product returned by the buyer is received at the facilities of ETNIKO SAS (, it will be reviewed and inspected to ensure that it meets the conditions described above and if this is positive, the following alternatives will be offered to the buyer:


The buyer will be offered the possibility of making an exchange for a product of the same reference, or a coupon for the same value of the product purchased to make a new purchase only through the WEBSITE. For any of the above cases, ETNICO SAS ( will carry out the operations within a maximum period of thirty (30) business days from the receipt of the product returned by the buyer, but there will be no compensation, interest or other items in favor of the buyer.